Day 13 (Uhhh hi there!)

Well then!  Nevermind why I didn’t post - I’M POSTING :P  It’s been a busy few days with ups and downs in weight loss and life!  This is why I can’t make the time for videos, I can barely make the time to type up a few minutes of a blog.  But I need to make it a priority, because looking back really helps.  SO the scale was a dick the last few days, at first I stalled, then I lost 0.2, then even GAINED 0.8lb and stalled again.  Needless to say, this girl was livid.  It’s extremely discouraging to stall or gain on THIS specific diet because it IS so restrictive and hardcore.  When you gain, you just feel this huge sense of failure.  It’s intense.  When you lose a lot though you feel it in the opposite, like you are invincible! It’s kind of ridiculous how much that number dictates my mood, and I know that is very very wrong.  Moving on…

I was invited to an 80s party at House of Blues in Downtown Disney last night and DAMN was it a blast! I haven’t had that kind of fun since back in my high school dance days! It was good, clean fun for a change ;)  I’m absolutely going again!  I even dressed the part, hell why wouldn’t I? I’m always going on about my love for all things 80s and this was the perfect opportunity to go nuts!!!

The cool thing about this outfit (aside from the fact that I didn’t have to spend any extra money for this last-minute getup) is that the Rainbow Brite Tee (which my best friend Amber bought for me last year) never fit.  It still had the tags on, I’d never worn it!  I threw it on just hoping I could wear it underneath something else and it actually FIT. Even a little loose under my chest! WHAT! I was STOKED ;D  The black tutu was something I bought to wear under my Halloween costume this past year & I remember it being uncomfortably tight around my waist - now it’s super comfy!!! HUH!!!?? Oh and even those socks, I couldn’t pull them up that high before - yup even a difference int he way SOCKS fit.  Who knew?  A belt around my lower waist, forget it, I’d never normally highlight my widest part - but it fit right & looked cool and I wasn’t at all self conscious in this whole, weird, 80s outfit.  So friggin proud of myself looking in the mirror and at these pictures right now.  All I keep thinking is “this is JUST the beginning, if I feel this good NOW - I can’t wait to see how I feel 50lbs from this!!!!!” :D

Mood: Normal

Hunger Level: Low

297.4lbs (day 6) to 291.6lbs - Loss of 5.8lbs from previous

Total Loss from SW: -12.8lbs